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Wordless Wednesday 2/10/16


The Snowing

amsterdam--aSmack dab in the mid

of winter the snowing has

begun. No pumping

the breaks now on this feathery

white tundry blanket.



Subtle fleeting patterned footpath zigging and zagging downward driveway.

This way and that- leading to angels that lay scattered behind gleaming forts and balls of white.

Red-nosed glee, icy wrists, layers of disseminate warmth.

Forever treasured will these patterns be.

Snow angel pattern in snow, close-up

*This poem is part of my 2015 poetry prompt challenge– today’s prompt was “use the word ‘pattern’ in the first and last lines of the poem.” *Let me know if you want to take part in the challenge and I will link your poem at the bottom