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Mother’s Day cards scare me

a little, when they proclaim

that I’m the

most marvelous mom ever,

that I might not be able

to live up to that




Bombs from suiciders

tearing at my heart she said; 

not sure what compartment

to place this in anymore, as now,

it’s just a Monday you see.



The Snowing

amsterdam--aSmack dab in the mid

of winter the snowing has

begun. No pumping

the breaks now on this feathery

white tundry blanket.


He Does


Ebony raven gazes at the smoldering blonde moon wondering if he shall wing south with the murder for the winter or perhaps instead like a lone wolf stay at perch atop branches soon to be rigid and frosty. He haunts you, doesn’t he.


Dry Leaves


Twisty trembly crinkly
leaves hanging on for dear life
You’ll all be gone soon

Melody of Life

Seeing old friends you

Chime in concert like melodies and

It feels like home

music notes


I’ll For My Children ~ Poetry Challenge 2015

'Mother and Child Reading,' Mary Cassett

‘Mother and Child Reading,’ Mary Cassett

I’ll not be perfect

I’ll make mistakes

I’ll tell you the truth

I’ll always love you, my children

I’ll always be human

I’ll try to recognize my faults and improve

I’ll try to be true to myself

I’ll try to do what I know best

I’ll try to give you better

I’ll try to find balance

I’ll always comfort you

I’ll lose it

I’ll hug you when you’re sad

I’ll protect you

I’ll let you down sometimes

I’ll be your hero at least once

I’ll learn as I go

I’ll try to teach you what I know

I’ll get frustrated

I’ll forgive you

I’ll let you mess up and then we’ll talk about the right way

I’ll lose my way

I’ll make sure we figure it out together

I’ll let you figure out what’s right for you

I’ll let you get away with things

I’ll make you hate me sometimes for your own good

I’ll always be your Mom first

*This poem is part of my 2015 Poetry Prompt Challenge, if you want to play along, join in, do the prompts and I’ll post your link on my blog. Today’s prompt is “Write a Poem that begins with a proclamation.” I decided to take it to the next level and make all the lines a proclamation.



Subtle fleeting patterned footpath zigging and zagging downward driveway.

This way and that- leading to angels that lay scattered behind gleaming forts and balls of white.

Red-nosed glee, icy wrists, layers of disseminate warmth.

Forever treasured will these patterns be.

Snow angel pattern in snow, close-up

*This poem is part of my 2015 poetry prompt challenge– today’s prompt was “use the word ‘pattern’ in the first and last lines of the poem.” *Let me know if you want to take part in the challenge and I will link your poem at the bottom

A New Year of Poetry Prompts

I won’t bore you with stats about my 2014. I won’t humblebrag or give you a link to my highest clicked post from February or some such month where I ranted on about something from my computer soapbox that we now don’t care about in December. I won’t bore you with resolutions that I probably won’t adhere to- I’m sure you have those of your own. We’re (well just me actually- and you can watch) am going to just keep moving full steam ahead- except I’m going to try something a little new this year.

Darth Vader says Happy New Year

Darth Vader says Happy New Year

I found a random page on the internet of poetry prompts. 120 of them, I believe. I haven’t even read them all, because I’m a skimmer and most of them sounded fun. Poetry, to me is like an exercise in words. Fun to write, interesting (sometimes) to read, and good for people like me with short attention spans. Maybe they’re a little self indulgent- but aren’t all blogs, really. If you want to partake in the prompts- then cool-let me know- I like writing buddies. I guess I lied about confessing my resolutions, my goal for 2015 is to get through them all. We’ll see.

Today I’ll kick it off with no prompt at all- it still being 2014 and all.

Year End

The year comes to a wilting conclusion.

Cold, wintery wispy finish.

It wasn’t a bad year.

Had it’s ups and downs as they all do.

As you do.

Peaks and valleys. Rivers and streams. Rushing waves and trickling babbling spaces.

Smiling faces. Tears too.

New beginnings. Commencement I suppose.

Let’s fathom up some arbitrary goals.

Ones we’ve mentioned before. Maybe last year perchance.

New inspiration in forms of forced blossom to strive for the better.


By June you’ll forget what they were.

Old Long Since, it goes, as we glance at the big hand turn.

Count downs and turn downs, sips and dips and jovial flips.

Old acquaintances slipped-

Past tranquil fingertips.

Consumed by other things.

Goodnight dear year, goodnight.

On you we will look with starry eyed affection, forgetting the nooks and crannies that sadness trickled into.

Good night.

Good morning sweet- new year. Hello new friend, new path of mine.







Early Darkness, Inside Glow


Early darkness

inside glow.

By the tree, children glisten and hum.

Things to be done, left as they are

Suppose they’ll be there tomorrow.

Wrapped in fleece and swaddled in comfies, the chitter and the chatter is what keeps us warm.

Ornaments hung and hot cocoa enjoyed.

Trying to forget about the bustle and things yet to be.

They’re not going to be this young forever they say.

Excitement, anticipation, joy and love.

A little bit of whining, cause let’s really be honest.

We wouldn’t imagine it any other way.

Tidings are good, and that’s what we treasure.

Togetherness, cuddles and uncertain anticipation.

Popcorn and snippets, advent and snowflakes.

Late December nights, oh you – we do cherish.