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Wordless Wednesday



Congrats Serena Wiliams, Shame on you Sports Illustrated

Thumbing through the years of Sports Illustrated’s Sports *ahem* Person of the year, there’s something quite obviously different about this year’s cover- and it’s not just the fact that she’s only the third woman to ever achieve the title, but it’s her very non-sporty look. Could Sports Illustrated not come up with a suitable cover that didn’t resemble a cover of their Swimsuit Edition, you know- something similar to any one of these men’s poses from all the past years?

Apparently not.





Ed Sheeran Covers Christina Aguilera’s ‘Dirrty’ And It’s Every Bit of Good You Think It’d Be

I gotta admit, I really kind of like this. Ed Sheeran proves he’s amazing by singing anything under the sun and still sounding like honey. Take me back to 2002, baby… Wash, rinse and you’re gonna want to put this one on repeat.

The Elephant In The Room

Time magazine is stirring a little controversy with their recent cover depicting Chris Christie with the caption, “The Elephant In The Room.” The cover obviously holds several meanings.. an Elephant is Christie’s party’s symbolic animal, also the fact that he has been criticized highly for his weight in the past; also possibly the fact that the GOP has a lot of making up to do to become viable in the next election plus the fact that Christie is not a typical Republican and not as beloved by some in his party for his non-partisan relationship with Obama and other Dems..

What do you think? Too far?