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Mother’s Day cards scare me

a little, when they proclaim

that I’m the

most marvelous mom ever,

that I might not be able

to live up to that



Pink Is For Girls, Awesome Is For Boys

I brought the kids to the dollar store today after school to buy Valentine’s Day cards for their classes.  I probably just lost a crunchy point since the dollar store is pretty much an evil lead filled mecca. But whatevs.   Do kids still make their own Valentine’s anymore?  I bet they probably do that sort of stuff in the suburbs or charter schools, but in my 4 years of being a school ager city school mom, I’ve only seen shiny two by two-inch commercialized ones.  I think I used to make my own every year when I was a kid with doily looking things and red hearts, ’cause my mom was like a mythical supermom (side not: why is spell check trying to change supermom to superman?  I don’t think so WordPress)  who helped us build volcanoes and homemade cards for everything.  I have nowhere near that kind of patience and energy to pull off making 50 valentines.  Maybe next year.  If someone mentions Pinterest I’m going to scream.

Anyway, so we go to the dollar store and I get the awesome feeling of letting the kids go hog-wild and pick out anything they want like I’m some kind of awesome mommy big roller.  So they run through the aisles like wild hyenas and I get looks from some guy like the circus just let out and he’s never seen the likes of cooped up kids gone wild dolla’ store style.

My kids automatically gravitate towards their respective gender section of cards.  Pink and princessey for girls.  Awesome for boys.  The pink princessey ones are all a similar variation of the same thing.  Pink and mermaids.  Pink and sparkly and hearts.  Pink and Princesses.  Pink and fairies.  In this particular Dollar Store, they were all generic characters, not specific characters like Dora or Disney or whatever.  I’m not sure if those licensed characters were picked-over, or just never there?  The boys section was everything awesome.  Batman, Thor, Spider-man, a whole slew of other awesome characters  every different shade of brightly colored cool.  They also had super cool things inside of the packages like posters and tattoos and stickers, etc.

At first my daughter picked out a cutesie princessey type box, ’cause that’s what the girls are supposed to get- yuh?!  Then she saw my son ohh and ahh over the cool Thor box that came with TATTOOS!  She asked me where the girls ones were with tattoos in them because she really really wanted ones with tattoos.. um, non had them of course.  simultaneously my son is saying, you have to get a girls one, as she’s thinking of switching her choice to the Thor package.  I of course, explained that girls or boys could pick any package they wanted to, they aren’t boys or girls packages, etc, some other non-sexist jargon, etc.

So anyway, I let her get two packages of Valentine’s: one princess package and one Thor package with super awesome tattoos.  Then I let them pick anything else they wanted from the store.. my daughter picks a stuffed animal, my youngest picks some crap wrestler figure that I’m sure is lead filled and my oldest picks cheese balls.. Yay neon junk food!

Mom of the year!

Of course my husband rolls his eyes when he sees that I’m writing a girls merchandise vs. boys merchandise post.  He says the choices were sucky because I went to the dollar store.. apparently he hasn’t been to retail establishments everywhere else on the planet.

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