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Your Art

Your Art-

whatever that may be:

writing, drawing, painting, modg-podging, dancing, joking singing, teaching.


brilliant, is garbage, is sad, happy, fun, tiring, meticulous, astonishing, meaningful, frantic, terrible, a do-over, harrowing.

is good.

hours of sweet sensual tweaking and modifying, rectifying, preemptifying .

sometimes will flop.  sometimes will soar.

all ya gotta do is pick up your brush, pencil, tablet, laptop, quill, chalk, tap shoes. iphone. microphone.

and go.

and not finish. till it’s finished.

then comes the part where you put it out there and say a little wish that people don’t hate, spit,  disregard, misinterpret, send a bad review, tear up, take it down, forget it.

and then.  you do it again. you hope.


Picture Drawn by My Darling 5 Year Old