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RIP Gene Wilder

Bon voyage, you awesome man!




You matter.
You matter to me.
You matter to your parents, to your teachers, to your peers, to the neighbor down the street who sees you making angels in the newly fallen snow.
You matter to people who don’t even know you.
We want to wrap you in our arms and say you matter. That we’re here. That we’d take your pain if you let us.

Your head sometimes lies. Your bullies lie. Wolves lurking in the shadows waiting for you- lie.
Take my hand, you don’t even have to talk. Don’t have to explain.

Did you know that we’d cry? That we’d feel an ache in that place we knew you? That even those who didn’t know you, who never even saw your face. We cry.

This? It’s not always gonna feel this bad.
I promise you, it too will pass.
That weight? Some day it’ll be gone.
The feeling that your whole world is caving in? The world is much bigger than this, my dear.

Please, just stay. You matter too much, you’re not done here, my friend. You matter too much.

‘The People vs. O.J. Simpson,’ Captivates the Nation Once Again

As a person who grew up in the 90s and watched the O.J. Simpson Murder trial play out in real time, watched every single trial day on CourtTV, watched in anticipation when A.C. drove O.J. around in that infamous white Bronco chase, watched the verdict be served on TV- watching the new FX Series, “The People vs. O.J. Simpson,” is indeed still fascinating.

I wouldn’t say “obsessed” with the case, but I was enthralled. Watching a trail play out sparked my interest in law and criminal trials. I was a CourtTV addict from then on; still am.

Even though this new TV series isn’t a documentary, and they have certainly taken liberties, even flubbed a few facts, there’s still something captivating about this case and about this show. Honestly it takes a little bit to get used to seeing Cuba Gooding Jr. as O.J. Simpson. He doesn’t exactly look or sound like him, although sometimes in his movements with a little imagination, you can catch a glimmer of the “Juice.” Despite that, the casting in this series is great, Billy Magnussen makes a great Kato Kaelin, Courtney B. Vance as Johnnie Cochran is spot on, Sarah Paulson nails Marcia Clark, and I love Sterling K. Brown as Christopher Darden.

I almost hate to admit, but when he was first charged, I rooted for O.J. I didn’t want him to be guilty. A lot of us did, a lot of us cheered when he was found not guilty and set free. Looking back, and knowing what we know now, that seems insane. The arsenal of evidence presented against him makes his guilt undeniable, but it felt different at the time, somehow we were all convinced he was set up. That he couldn’t have done it. How did that happen? The power of celebrity? The racial tensions at the time?

At any rate- after one episode, I love the show. I can’t wait to see where they take it from here.

Mother Teresa is Elevated to Sainthood

Big in the world of religion.. According to the Vatican, the Pope approved a decree that Mother Teresa had performed a second miracle involving the healing of a Brazilian man with several brain abscesses in 2008.

She Whispers Gratitude to no one in Particular

Scrolling by sleeves and shelves of prepackaged compartments of watered down gratitude. Drowning in badges and blabbage that prove nothing. The monotony of abundance; splashing waves of shouting look this way and that. Who knows what it’s all about anymore. I could shout from the rooftops too ya know. But it’d just be more madness, more static to pile top the incessant noise. The chatter. Meh. Not today, thanks. There’s beauty, sometimes, in keeping it safely and softly tucked inside crisp cold sheets of grey matter. You’ve got your own hustle and bustle anyway. It’s okay. Thank you. I’m thankful, and that’s enough.


Don’t Give ‘Till it Hurts

It’s easy to feel stretched thin. The kids, the dog, work, family. Time for chores? For shampooing the rug and dusting the tippy tops of the valences? Forget it. There’s never enough time to do it all. In The Fellowship of the Ring, J.R.R. Tolkien wrote, “I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.” Gosh, he must’ve been a working mother in a past life, or maybe just looking on the inside my head. Or maybe it’s just a part of the human condition. How many days have you felt like you couldn’t catch up, like a hobbit on the brink of collapse?

The problem with or maybe the cause of all this is that I like saying yes. I like doing for others. It feels good. Giving, helping, accomplishing-feels pretty darn fabulous. Selfishly I like to be the person doing it all. Seeing your efforts sparkle in someone else’s eyes is priceless. That is, only if you aren’t stretched so bad you can actually take a second to see it.

Sometimes we miss it. Sometimes when you go past the point of what you can take, where the giving is painful. Times when there’s not enough of you to give.

It’s been said, “don’t give till it hurts, give till it feels good.” Most days I want to throw my hands up, but every once in a great while I can say that dammit, I did something today that was amazing.

Today I had that sort of day.

I feel lucky I got to witness a special moment of someone else’s joy. Today was a good day and the thinness didn’t feel so buttery.




Ed Sheeran Covers Christina Aguilera’s ‘Dirrty’ And It’s Every Bit of Good You Think It’d Be

I gotta admit, I really kind of like this. Ed Sheeran proves he’s amazing by singing anything under the sun and still sounding like honey. Take me back to 2002, baby… Wash, rinse and you’re gonna want to put this one on repeat.

Blogging In A Nutshell


Eleven Inspirational Quotes in Honor of Toni Morrison on her Birthday

I love Toni Morrison, she’s incredibly inspirational and wise. Here are 11 great quotes to celebrate her birthday, (yesterday). Hey! better to celebrate late than never.


timothy 7











A New Year of Poetry Prompts

I won’t bore you with stats about my 2014. I won’t humblebrag or give you a link to my highest clicked post from February or some such month where I ranted on about something from my computer soapbox that we now don’t care about in December. I won’t bore you with resolutions that I probably won’t adhere to- I’m sure you have those of your own. We’re (well just me actually- and you can watch) am going to just keep moving full steam ahead- except I’m going to try something a little new this year.

Darth Vader says Happy New Year

Darth Vader says Happy New Year

I found a random page on the internet of poetry prompts. 120 of them, I believe. I haven’t even read them all, because I’m a skimmer and most of them sounded fun. Poetry, to me is like an exercise in words. Fun to write, interesting (sometimes) to read, and good for people like me with short attention spans. Maybe they’re a little self indulgent- but aren’t all blogs, really. If you want to partake in the prompts- then cool-let me know- I like writing buddies. I guess I lied about confessing my resolutions, my goal for 2015 is to get through them all. We’ll see.

Today I’ll kick it off with no prompt at all- it still being 2014 and all.

Year End

The year comes to a wilting conclusion.

Cold, wintery wispy finish.

It wasn’t a bad year.

Had it’s ups and downs as they all do.

As you do.

Peaks and valleys. Rivers and streams. Rushing waves and trickling babbling spaces.

Smiling faces. Tears too.

New beginnings. Commencement I suppose.

Let’s fathom up some arbitrary goals.

Ones we’ve mentioned before. Maybe last year perchance.

New inspiration in forms of forced blossom to strive for the better.


By June you’ll forget what they were.

Old Long Since, it goes, as we glance at the big hand turn.

Count downs and turn downs, sips and dips and jovial flips.

Old acquaintances slipped-

Past tranquil fingertips.

Consumed by other things.

Goodnight dear year, goodnight.

On you we will look with starry eyed affection, forgetting the nooks and crannies that sadness trickled into.

Good night.

Good morning sweet- new year. Hello new friend, new path of mine.