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Why I Don’t Hate Barbie

Every few months I see someone else regurgitate the same study. It's always the same complaint: Barbie's body is not realistic, backed up with precise measurements and lengthy analysis. Her boobs are too big, her waist too thin, her legs too long, the gosh darn circumference of her wrists are not realistic and her neck won't support her head.  If Barbie were real with her exact proportions, she'd be ten feet tall and have to walk on her hands and knees. And they're serious.

As I raid my daughter's room I try to find a realistic looking doll. One has a big head, the other one has pink hair, even Strawberry Shortcake smells unnaturally. I walk away in failure because I can't come up with one realistic thing, but I'm okay with that.


Poor Barbie always gets the bad rap, but nobody even mentions that big headed baby with those little feet













Why is it that we're okay with Barbie bashing in one breath, then in the next saying its okay for kids to play with little yellow men with square legs and a crescent shape claws for fingers? Is it because Barbie has boobs and boobs are scary and if kids see dolls with boobs they will want to idolize and be the big boobied small necked doll? So far my daughter is pretty okay with knowing Barbie isn't quite real or realistic. I've never heard she wants to be her or that because of her she wants a different kind of body. Although she has said she's not interested in having boobs like me, but Barbie isn't even a consideration in those regards.


those elbows most certainly could not support those massive forearms.. call the toy-realistic police immediately

So you say you've seen the woman on Oprah that wanted to be the human Barbie, whose gotten plastic surgery after plastic surgery to make herself look like the little plastic doll? I'm willing to put money on the idea that that's not her only delusion. One strange bird doesn't an epidemic make. And why is it that we hold "girl" toys to a different standard? Is it because we don't trust that our daughters can differentiate between pretend and reality? Or because its popular to pick apart things that are pink *gasp*

I have seen these guys in real life.. they dress up and hang out at museums and baseball games and nerd conventions

I have seen these guys in real life.. they dress up and hang out at museums and baseball games and nerd conventions

Almost nothing in my kids rooms are realistic. They play with horses with glittery rainbow manes and cars with eyeballs in their windshields and robots that turn into trucks and even telephones that talk to you on their own. They hug red fury monsters in their sleep and even pretend to chop each others arms off with light sabers and yes, dolls with boobs and makeup who drive pink corvettes. And I'm okay with that.


I wish I could have a pony with glittery blue mane.. but if I see a Smurf I will run


Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be Legos!




















If you hate Barbie, then why not hate them all?  I think it's time to pick on someone your own size, and as we've certainly determined, Barbie does not qualify.