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Top Ten Tuesday

I haven’t done this one in a while

Disregard advice
Accept help
Blow off steam
Don’t bite off more than you can chew
Just breathe
Follow your gut
Don’t waste time on what doesn’t matter
Cherish those who deserve you
Compassion and empathy are key
Follow your dreams




Top Ten Reasons Why Being A Mother Of Three Is The Best

stick figure paint

  1. You always have a good excuse to be late:  Just give that harried look and sigh.
  2. You automatically get a ‘get out of jail free card’: Well, not jail per say, but you can skirt any number of duties ’cause you’re super busy with a herd of kids romping around.
  3. Lots of hugs:  If you’re ever feeling like you haven’t gotten enough hugs for the day, just leave the house for any amount of time and when you walk back in the door you will be bombarded with cheers and squeals of delight, “yay, Mommy’s home!” like your own little welcoming parade, and more hugs that you can handle.
  4. Everyone thinks you looks great:  your body could be stretch-marked beyond repair and big huge dark bags could be sagging under your eyes and everyone always asks how you look so great with 3 kids.  A little extra pudge around the middle.. don’t sweat it, you had three kids and your body looks dam good despite that fact.
  5. Hand-Me-Downs: When you have 3 kids within 4 in a half years, you don’t even have to put the clothes they outgrow in the attic, just transfer them from one drawer to the next.  Protip: just buy a zillion unisex socks and they can be interchangeable and no matching or sorting required.
  6. Never a dull moment: silence is over-rated, at least that’s what I keep telling myself as I try to meditate in the shower. ohmmmmm– “MOMMY!!”
  7. You turn lots of heads: oh wait- that’s just in the supermarket, and those might not be wolf whistles, but gasps of shock when your kids are back-flipping from the shopping cart in the checkout line.. But you definitely can’t say that you’re not getting noticed.
  8. Superhuman senses develop: I mean, your body has already proven to do super powerful things like running on 2 hours of sleep and squirting milk at will, but you also develop a spidey type sense of smell in which you can sniff a dirty diaper from 2 floors away and see things from the eyes in the back of your head.
  9. Tax Breaks Baby:  We don’t send our kids out into the work-force and child labor is frowned upon, but we actually get some pretty sweet money back on our taxes with all these babies.
  10. More kids to keep your brain active:  I lost count of how many times I’ve had to run to Google because my kids want to know how Romano Cheese got its name or why bears have little tails or to explain in detail the science of evolution or what kind of trees we have in our backyard and why our blood is red.  Don’t let the constant “why why why” get you down, look at it as a brain building activity.  I can totally tell you all sorts of random facts that kids under ten want to know all about; I look at this as future Jeopardy Contestant training.

Top Tens Ways to Draw Traffic To Your Blog

Tuesday Top Ten is BACK!

Top Tens Ways to Draw Traffic To Your Blog.

  1. Create a Facebook Page For Your Blog:  So many bloggers and businesses complain about Facebook’s unfair way of hiding some of the content you follow.  This is true and the system is flawed towards favoring paying customers.  That being said, Facebook is often my highest source of clicks.  Make your account a place worth “liking.”  Post commentary, pictures and interact with followers.
  2. Tweet It.. and Pin it and Link it, etc.:  A strong social media presence is a must-have accessory for any blogger wishing to have a decent following.  Twitter is a goldmine of opportunity with potential of retweets from friends and followers.  Don’t just post your blog, but interact with followers.  Nobody wants to just see tweets of your blog all day long.  Space it out and have at least 10 interactions in-between each blog post.  Be sure to post several times a day and mix it up.  You may draw some readers in with one catchy title, someone else may be drawn in by another.  Find creative ways to intro your material.  This doesn’t just go for twitter, make sure you are on every major social media site out there: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, StumbleUpon and even Google+.  Don’t underestimate sites like LinkedIn just because you aren’t a “business type.”  Your blog is your business!  Take advantage of the unsaturated market and get clicks from people in the workplace that aren’t able to use sites like Facebook, but can scroll through LinkedIn while at the office.
  3. Comment on other blogs:  I visit every blog site that comments on my work and often get follow-up responses to other sites that I make comments on.  This is a great way to discover other writers that like your stuff and bring the traffic back to you.  And don’t just go through and say, “nice blog” on every site you see.  The words you write is a little sample of your work.  This will signal to people if they want to waste time reading what you have to say.  Think of it as advertising what a great writer you are and your unique style.
  4. Keep It Coming:  Whether it’s an ongoing theme or posting regularly, you will draw people’s attention if they know your site is frequently updated and a place to visit over and over again.
  5. Participate in Groups That Your Audience is Likely To Be:  If you’re a Mom Blog, find other moms online, if you are a business blog, LinkedIn may be a place to join groups, if you are a gamers blog, find the gamers.  There are groups and clubs for every genre out there.  Find yours and make friends.  If you don’t find a group, create one.
  6. Tag Your Posts: Don’t underestimate the power of visitors via search engines.  Research tops tags and categories and tag your posts with things that are likely to draw readers.
  7. Guest Blog:  This is one of the number one ways to increase your readership, and basically a form of free advertising.  Solicit and seek out blogs to write guest posts for, as well as accept quality guest posts to your site.  Now you have two people tweeting and sharing the link to your posts.  Imagine if you guest post on ten sites.  Make sure your posts link back to your site so your new readers can find you.
  8. Add Pictures:  When you post your blog onto social media sites a thumbnail will be displayed next to your link.  A catchy picture or illustration is just as important as a catchy title, which will entice people to take the click plunge.  This is also useful to be used in conjunction with Pinterest.  Everytime someone repins your awesome picture, it’s another opportunity for a blog post to be shared and reshared.
  9. Catchy Title:  Yes, I’m talking about link baiting.  This is the first and possibly the only impression your readers will get of your blog posts.  No one may be interested in clicking a post that is poorly and boringly titled  (yawn) because it blends in with the other 5 billion posts that we scroll by each day.  Someone may be more apt to clicking on a catchy title or a fun play on words.
  10. Make Sure Your Site Is Easily Navigable and Easy To Comment On:  If I can’t find my way around a website and it isn’t visually pleasing the first time I visit, I will not return.  It’s as simple as that.  Make your space a place worth looking at, as well as an easy to use menus and sidebars.  Make sure you are blogging from a site that is easy to comment on and that we can actually find the comment and share buttons very simply.  I am not going to beg a blogger to make it easier to share and comment on their blogs, and most readers will just give up if they can’t find something within a short time.  I often will not comment on a blog written on Google Blogger because it is just too annoying to have to fill in the CAPTCHA thing over and over again.  Everyone on the internet is lazy, accommodate them.


Top Ten Rules For A SAHM

stay at home momAs a SAHM (Super Awesome Hot Mama) You are the CEO of your home. The top dog. This means you can wear a cape as you fly around the house because you’re an awesomely amazing super hero whose super strengths include, but aren’t limited to: making milk flow freely from your body, carrying kids on your back with no hands, go grocery shopping with screamers in tow while deflecting evil stares of the masses around you, detecting lies from the tone of your kid’s voice and being immune to nuclear strength poopsplosions. You can eat cookies all day and decide when it’s time to go to the playground or just put the kids to nap early and watch a Sex In The City Marathon. Folding laundry is a waste of time and rearranging vegetables in the shape of a smiley face means you’re a five-star gourmet chef. You are the most important person in the world. I mean, you not only have to create tiny humans from scratch, but also shape their minds and teach them how to do things like speak a language, wear tutus, blow snot out into a tissue instead of in, and build elaborate castles with blocks. You rule a tiny kingdom of uniquely amazing creatures with teeth and noisy toys and an opposition to wearing clothes. I know all Stay At Home Moms have super human powers of intelligence and skill, but in case you’re new to the job, here’s a few pointers to help you out.

  • Always have a bulky sweatshirt readily available by the front door just in case someone unexpectedly comes to visit and you aren’t wearing a bra. Cause let’s face it you’re not wearing a bra.
  • Get a Twitter account and talk about baby barf all day.
  • Start accomplishing your To-do List an hour before your Husband comes home. This is called the power hour: a rush to make it look like you’ve been productive all day. Bonus points for doing dishes when he comes through the door.
  • Start writing a Mom Blog, come on everyone’s doing it.
  • Buy several pairs of awesome pajamas, this is now your uniform. They go well with the cape.
  • Always wear said pajamas. If they blend in with street clothes, then you’re fine for school pick up and drop off.
  • Remove all batteries from loud toys without volume control. You will thank me later.
  • Enter all the numbers of the local mommy play date groups in your phone. This is so you can screen their calls and avoid at all costs. Play dates uproot your entire day and are the creation of hateful evil beings; plus pajamas are usually frowned upon, not worth it.
  • Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk: this may be the most important piece of advice. Milk and countless other disgusting things will spill all over your carpet, bed, shoes, slash everything else with a hard to wash surface. Don’t sweat it, a messy house is a happy house.. er at least that’s what I told myself when my kid threw a slice of pizza behind the TV.
  • Learn To Tune out things like Caillou’s whiney little voice: If it makes the kids happy and content, it’s worth suffering through.

Top Ten Things You Should and Shouldn’t Pack When Having a Baby In The Hospital or Birth Center

This is an everything blog.. and I don’t post nearly enough baby related posts.. What kind of Mommy Blogger do I think I am anyway??!

Ten Things You Should Pack When Having A Baby In The Hospital

Nail Clippers or Nail File:  They will NOT provide these at the hospital and my kids all came straight out of the womb with Edward Scissor caliber finger nails.

Bathrobe or Comfortable Pajamas for Yourself:  You only feel like romping around in those crappy gowns for so long.  As far as bras, I liked the ones that cross in front and have a lot of stretch in them because your boobs will be enormous.  Most of the time I just wore a nursing tank top which is pretty much a shirt and bra all in one.

Slippers:  Stroll the hallways in style!

Toiletries:  If you have special lotions and products that you use daily, they would fit under this category.

Camera/ Smart Phone: Whatever it is you’re going to use to plaster pictures all over Facebook.

Family and Friend’s Phone Numbers:  You probably have these stored in your phone already, if not, then what are you waiting for?

Going Home Outfit for Baby:  I usually dressed my kid’s in the hospital given clothes until going home time.  Bring a baby hat, the hospital ones are usually horrible.

Going Home Outfit for Mama:  You will still be bigger than your ‘normal weight,’ so probably just a comfortable maternity outfit or pajamas.

Snacks: They like to starve you.. well, not really, but late night snacks are always good and there isn’t always something available overnight at the hospital.  This is especially good to have stashed in your nightstand while you are up and breastfeeding in the middle of the night.

Car Seat: Well duh, but I bet people forget this.  Install it beforehand so your husband isn’t messing around in the parking garage for a half and hour.


Things You Don’t Need:

Magazines: Who has time for magazines?!  This goes for books and other “things to do.”   If you aren’t staring at your new bundle of joy, then you should be trying to get as much sleep as possible.  Only bring this if you need something to throw at your husband while he’s sleeping through a night feeding.

Breast Pump: They will provide super-duper electronic breast pumps at the hospital if needed.

Diapers and Wipes: These are also provided, take advantage of them while they’re free.

Toiletries:  This belongs on the DO and also the DON”T list.  Bring the brands you can’t live without, but they will provide things like soap and shampoo.

Nipple Cream:  They will provide this and most breast care items that you may need.

Sanitary Pads: They provide these humongous pads and fake underwear that are all you need to use.

Boppy Pillow: They have these at the hospital as well.

Rigid Expectations:  It’s always a good idea to prepare a ‘birth plan,’ but don’t be surprised when things don’t go according to your plans.

Multiple Baby Outfits:  Just take advantage of what the hospital has, no need to clutter up your bag and make more laundry.

Valuables:  Leave your expensive jewelry and large sums of cash at home.  They do have lock boxes at the hospital, but it’ll take forever to fill out the paperwork to use one.



Top 25 T.V. Shows of All Time

This gallery contains 25 photos.

Well According to ME anyway

Top Ten Reasons To Vote

I already blogged once today, and no, don’t cry, I didn’t forget about Top Ten Tuesday Folks.  Here it is, this week’s anticipation (I’m sure) is over, and of course I had to do an election themed post..

In case you are still on the fence about whether you should bother voting or not as you lounge around stuffing your face with left-over Halloween candy and pining for this pesky Election Day to pass so you can stop seeing political ads and start being bombarded with Christmas commercials on TV, here’s one last attempt to convince you that voting is pretty important.

It Has To Do With You:  Whether you are concerned with your finances or the state of marriage, abortion or marijuana consumption in this country, these rights and regulations are yours and you should pay attention and care about the outcomes.

Your Children’s Future:  We may not see many immediate changes short-term, but many of the policies the candidates vie for will affect your children’s future.

Local Elections:  Still not convinced that your vote counts.. We aren’t just voting for the president today, but in local elections as well, and you may see more of an impact in these local races than you realize.

Our Forbearers Fought for This:  Whether it’s the Patriots in rebellion, African-Americans becoming citizens, or Women who weren’t officially amended to vote into the constitution until the 1920’s, those who came before us fought for our ability to vote.  Make them proud.

If You Don’t Vote You Can’t Complain:  Hey, this is American, we LOVE to complain.  If you have some free-time scroll though Amazon reviews and you‘ll get to see just how much time people have to waste complaining about the littlest thing.  The only prerequisite to complaining like a Rockstar is voting for your beliefs.

Guilt Free Summer BBQ’s:  I don’t see how you can wear red white and blue top hats and eat apple pie on the Fourth Of July if you don’t do your duty and participate in the process.

It’s Easy:  There’s a whole ton of little old ladies just waiting  at the polling stations to tell you how to use the voting booth.  It may seem intimidating to be alone behind that curtain, but it’s fairly quick, painless and easy to do.  I promise, they won’t make you turn your head and cough.

Kodak Moment:  How will you fit in with all your buddies on social media if you don’t instagram yourself donning a fresh I VOTED sticker?

Power:  You actually have the power to decide who your local and national officials are.  That makes you their boss.

Your Vote Does Really Count:  It has happened before that states have won by a measly few hundred votes.  That’s pretty close when it comes to a country filled with millions of people.  It’s usually even closer with local races.  Be one of the votes that puts your favorite over the edge.

If all these reasons don’t convince you to head straight over to your polling place today, then maybe the idea that if you don’t vote, mine and all those idiots our loved ones on Facebook votes will count twice.  Personally I can’t wait to cast my ballot (with three kids in tow no-less, that outta be real fun) and am looking forward to tonight being able to hover over the glow of CNN and listen to all the pundits hash and re-hash everything we’ve just gone through for the past few months and watch the results come in state by state.  At the very least, vote in my unofficial poll!  Sorry, no sticker, but you can still Instagram it and grab yourself a cookie!


Top Ten John Cusack Movies

I’d like to lighten up the mood on the Internet today and just reiterate the fact that John Cusack has been contributing 30 years of dreamiest characters on the big screen.  I’m sure there’s a joke in there somewhere about him being in the movie 2012 and doomsday and all, but let’s just take a moment to appreciate the Top Ten John Cusack Movies instead.  Let’s not forget the Top Five Lists in High Fidelity.. one of my favorite movies of all time, may or may not have had a hand in inspiring the Top Ten Tuesday theme.


The Dirty Dozen: Top 12 Foods You Should Be Buying Organic

This weeks Top Ten Tuesday List is actually a Top Twelve list.  Organic food obviously costs more, so it’s not always an ideal option for every family to buy everything they consume in the organic section.  Here’s a list of the 12 fruits and vegetables that contain the most pesticides.  If you’re not ready to make the plunge into a completely organic diet, here’s the list of the most important produce to start with.  Kale was on the list in years past, but traded places this year with cucumbers.  That doesn’t mean that it is out of the woods so to speak as far as pesticides go.  Green beans just squeaked by and didn’t make the list this year, but they are another one to watch out for, since they too are grown with a concerning number of pesticides.  These numbers are recorded AFTER washing.  If you aren’t washing your produce, then you are ingesting way more!  Looking for produce that doesn’t have as many pesticides?  Check out the list of the Clean 15!

Apples: Contain 42 different kinds of pesticides

Blueberries: Contain 52 Kinds of pesticides

Celery: 64 kinds of pesticides

Grapes: 34 kinds of pesticides

Peaches: 62 kinds of pesticides

Lettuce: 51 kinds of pesticides

Nectarines: 33 kinds of pesticides

Potatoes: 37 kinds of pesticides

Spinach: 48 kinds of pesticides

Strawberries: 54 kinds of pesticides

Sweet Bell Peppers: 49 kinds of pesticides


Ten Things To Do When You Have Bloggers Block

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Things To Do When You Have Bloggers Block


Read Other Blogs:  Sometimes reading the thoughts of what others deem as funny
or important can spark ideas in yourself.

Talk To A Friend:  Bounce an idea off of someone close to you.  I usually think
of a number of blogging ideas by just talking to my Mom.   Our gossiping and
griping often turn into perfect material for a good post.

Read A Book:  I always get inspired to write by reading books.   The eloquent words of
the masters makes me want to strive to be a better writer.  This sometimes
backfires when I’m trying to read a book, and all I can think about is my own

Just Write:  If this was so easy, then you wouldn’t have bloggers block, right?
It doesn’t have to be full sentences, it doesn’t have to flow or make sense, or
even be one single idea.  Make a list of potential blog titles.  Get anything
that comes to mind out in print.  This will often turn into something great.

Read The News:  Give a good rant and express yout thoughts on the latest current events.
Timely blogs on news stories are sure to bring traffic to your blog.

Go For A Walk:  Walking alone taking in all of nature is peaceful and
therapeutic, it can clear your head and break up some of the nonsense that is
boggling your mind.

Go For A Drive:  I usually daydream when I drive.  Oftentimes while on a long
drive I’ll have written entire blogs in my head.

Take A Shower:  Being in a shower is like being in an alternate universe where
for ten minutes nothing and no body else exists.  It can recharge your brain and
give you a private space to sort your thoughts.

Post A Picture:  A picture’s worth a thousand words, right?  Describe what you
see, start with a caption or write a poem.  Sometimes short posts can say the

Write A Top Ten List:  If all else fails you can probably think of your top
picks in any topic.