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Pinterest, Albert Einstein and Bird Tattoos

I’ve tried.

No, that’s a lie, I really haven’t.

I mean I’ve joined.  I’ve scrolled through the amazing pictures.  I’ve done what
I was supposed to do.

They’re beyond beautiful.  It’s like a giant wish book of imaginary living
spaces, over the top recipes, perfect projects, super-duper exquisite

Embodiment of everything I’ll never be or do.  I’m not even sad.

You can’t be serious that you’re doing all this stuff?  Right?  Your perfect
instagrammed well documented for all to see, final products and blogged proof
that you’re so interesting or Pinteresting or time waste attesting.

Maybe I’m lazy.  Maybe I just haven’t spent enough time scrolling through the
best pictures in the universe.  The tour de force isn’t catching inside of me like it
seems to be everyone else.

The inspiration Mecca did two things for me right off the bat though.  I’ve discovered
that I like Albert Einstein quotes and bird tattoos.  I’ll never get one
probably, but I think they’re pretty.