Top Revelations About Cyber Monday

1.) So called Cyber Monday started like last week. It’s over played. Stop saying Cyber Monday if it’s only Saturday.

2.) there are a good number of deals out there, but also the unimpressive fake deals that have been a different variation of the same sales from last week. Shop accordingly.
3.) Just about everything was sold out on Target dot com making me angrier than if there were no sales at all.
4.) Cyber Monday makes me just want to buy stuff for myself, hmmm, I think I need new pants.. oh, hello new vacuum!
5.) I have people to shop for and no ideas. And darn, If only we could’ve picked work secret Santa names last week, I could’ve gotten them a much cooler gift for the ten dollar limit.

6. The only thing I don’t like about buying online is buying something one day, then the next day, better prices.
7.) Free shipping is the best, I won’t buy anything without it.
8.) Shopping is much better done from home, also more dangerous for my wallet. Ouch!



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