Prier pour Paris


Every time a bunch of people care about something, there’s a bunch of other folks yelling, “so why don’t you care about this.”

You sound like my kids when I give one of them a cookie and the others cry, “but why can’t I have a cookie!?”

When water was being dumped on our heads they said, “what about my disease?” When pink ribbons were sold, they said, “what about my color ribbon?” When ‘Black Lives Matter’ started they rebutted that all lives mattered. When People started changing their profile pictures to blue white and red, they cried back, “what about Lebanon?” And so on, it doesn’t end.

Sometimes causes catch fire because they hit home. Sometimes our actions fill a void. Sometimes hearts need mending. Sometimes life isn’t even.

I mean, I didn’t tell them they couldn’t have a cookie. They can too, but it’s that perception that everything that happens is black and white, is yes or no, is them and us.

Sometimes life doesn’t have an answer. Sometimes heartbreak is just too strong. Sometimes the bottom falls out and we don’t know what else to do but change our profiles to resemble flags and reflect and yell and cry and say the wrong thing; to forget about others. Our tears as blinders. Our focus small. This thing, this time, this turn. Prier pour Paris


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