Early Darkness, Inside Glow


Early darkness

inside glow.

By the tree, children glisten and hum.

Things to be done, left as they are

Suppose they’ll be there tomorrow.

Wrapped in fleece and swaddled in comfies, the chitter and the chatter is what keeps us warm.

Ornaments hung and hot cocoa enjoyed.

Trying to forget about the bustle and things yet to be.

They’re not going to be this young forever they say.

Excitement, anticipation, joy and love.

A little bit of whining, cause let’s really be honest.

We wouldn’t imagine it any other way.

Tidings are good, and that’s what we treasure.

Togetherness, cuddles and uncertain anticipation.

Popcorn and snippets, advent and snowflakes.

Late December nights, oh you – we do cherish.






One response to “Early Darkness, Inside Glow

  1. This is so sweet and charming. Made me smile. Enjoy your late December nights together. XO

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