Further Proof That Conveniences Are Making Us Think Much less

I’ve blogged in the past that convenience makes us lazy.
A shining example of this is the way LEGO now prints their instructions.

The old way was Lego just showed you a picture of what you needed to build and you had to sift through and figure out how to get there by looking at the pictures.

20140601-141004-51004628.jpg<br /
Now they put little boxes in the (upper left) corner to show you exactly what pieces you need before you build.


Yes, it’s plenty more convenient, but also takes some of the brain power out of the mix. Sometimes it’s just little nuances like this that that are scattered throughout life that makes us just have to think less on a daily basis.

Combine this with autocorrect, GPS, etc and our kids are learning less and less how to do things without some device or instructions telling them exactly how to achieve the end.


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