Done-r Than Done

So only a couple days after our principal of our school TOLD ME that recess was indeed mandatory and the taking away of such as a classroom punishment was no longer going to happen- no surprise, it happened again.

1) looks like someone missed the memo

2) at what point did that become the only thing teachers can use as a bargaining tool?

3) to be fair it was a substitute, but you know what- eff that because every person that is entrusted with the task of educating our children needs to be informed of the school regulations. Period, no excuses.

4) at this point, it’s more of a game for me to see how annoying it’s going to get when I keep calling the school everyday. 26 more days.

5) if you are buying a house within RCSD limits and plan to ever have kids. Don’t.

6) I can not wait. CAN NOT WAIT. TO GET THE HELL OUT OF THIS DISTRICT. Done-r than done.



4 responses to “Done-r Than Done

  1. Be thankful they don’t make your children walk laps at recess like they do here in North Carolina or have silent lunch where they cannot talk during lunch this is also one of their punishments.

  2. Andrea, I agree with you. This is not a good policy. We have recess as soon as the kids come down to our room each day. Personally I think the “naughty” ones need to run and jump and get their energy out. We (the educational system) make kids do way too much sitting and thinking and when they can’t sit still they are disciplined. But I am curious, as a parent, what suggestions do you have for discipline in the class?

    • First of all, I don’t agree with collective punishment at all, and that’s what’s happening here- I didn’t mention that in the blog, but I’ve talked about that a number of times. A couple kids act up- then the whole class suffers. I also believe there would be more constructive ways to deal with behaviors. For instance if one child pushes another then they can write a letter of apology or something more fitting to that specific infraction so they learn a direct lesson. I will agree that in cases where it’s unsafe for a child to be outside because of their behavior, then recess may need to be taken away. Not day after day after day for the entire class.

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