Avril Lavigne Causes Stir With New Controversial ‘Hello Kitty’ Video

Avril Lavigne is causing quite a stir with her new Hello Kitty video, which is being called racist by many. The video features Lavigne dancing in a cupcake covered tutu, rapping in Japanese with Japanese backup dancers that look like expressionless props behind her.

The song is an annoying ear worm that repeats the same few lines in Avril’s high-pitched annoying voice over and over again, often moving in and out of a mocking Asian accent. Not to mention that Avril will be 30 this fall- time to hang up the cupcake tutu. I’d rate this as neck and neck with that annoying Selfie song as one of the worst of the year. Watch it here on her website.



One response to “Avril Lavigne Causes Stir With New Controversial ‘Hello Kitty’ Video

  1. I actually think it’s one of the more clever things she’s done. If you listen to the words, she’s pointing out the hypocrisy of females who want to act all girlie, like little girls with Hello Kitty and cupcakes and pillow fights, but try to use their sexuality to get attention. She uses the Japanese backdrop because that’s where Hello Kitty came from and the Harajuku girls in the background because so many videos use those girls as props. It appears as though she is trying to call out the hypocrisy on it all but it maybe lost on a lot of people.

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