Stop Downgrading Our Work By Mommyifying It

When we say things like “Mommy blogger,” and “mom-fessionals” (professional moms) we work to undo what feminism tries to combat. It defines our work as other. And less than. It’s condescending and cutesy. It’s the pink is for girls mindset for professionals.

Women often get typecast as mommy bloggers or work-from-home-moms, working-moms, or whatever because it also has it’s merits marketing wise. “Mommy blogger” as a brand sells, even if many if us don’t write about our kids. But how can we strive to be taken seriously if we cutesy up our talents by having to define it as a “mom-job,” instead of a job well done. It’s like Roger Maris with that unofficial asterisk beside our work because we’re not playing the same game. We put an asterisk by our work when we phrase our writing, our work, and our positions by defining it not by the work itself, but by the fact that we do it despite being moms.

I’d much rather be called a social media influencer or writer, period-than to be dubbed a mommy blogger or social media mom. and if and when I go back to work, I don’t need to be labelled a working mom. Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of being a mom. It’s the most important job I do. And my job of mom comes first, yet it doesn’t need to diminish the fact that I can do work that stands on it’s own two feet. It implies that our only value is being a mom- which is far from true.

Plenty of men work from home. Plenty of men blog or write or sell things, yet we don’t feel the need to box them in or to daddy-professional their titles. How about if I didn’t birth you, you don’t need to call me mommy. Own your motherhood ladies, but it doesn’t need to necessarily define and diminish your other accomplishments.



One response to “Stop Downgrading Our Work By Mommyifying It

  1. There is definitely a group of women who enjoy being called “Mommy Bloggers” and refer to themselves as such. I’ve never thought it was a derogatory thing, I just thought it was Mom’s who liked discussing their young kids. I have been in the blogging community for almost 10 years, I’ve encountered hundreds of MB’s. The common thread is that they usually have young children and blog about them and mom issues. I have children and I write about lots of things but no one has ever called me a Mommy Blogger. Has someone called you one and you didn’t like it? I’ve never heard of that, I only know of women who make it known they are MB’s.

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