Witnessing The Enchantment of Being Six

My 6 year old just discovered the enchanted mystical tool on the computer that can somehow magically add numbers together. The calculator. It’s the most tickling thing to watch her jubilantly try each combination and exclaim WOW! every time it works, clapping her hands together she says: “Mommy this is the BEST calculator ever,” as if she’s just discovered fire. Little things that we often take for granted, our children are enchanted with when they discover them for the first time.

That’s one of the best things about being a mom. The joy, the excitement the privilege of being able to watch their brains absorb the little things in real time. Knowing that the lightbulb’s just clicked on by the expressions on their faces. I love that.

I’m just enjoying this while it lasts, as she gets older, she might not get this excited about math.

Obviously you need to wear a uniform to be in this family. Artwork also by my daughter.


4 responses to “Witnessing The Enchantment of Being Six

  1. Can certainly relate to that one 🙂 Have you tried Mathletics?

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