Uncle Reggie Cops to Being Stopped Twice, Plus a Failure To Stop At Traffic Light, Is Reprimanded

HO-LY Cow! Mayor Warren’s security director slash uncle has been brought before the ethics board and now the truth comes out. He admits, per the letter below that he was stopped, not once, but twice, also he had turned right on red without coming to a full stop.

I’ll say it again. HOLY COW. This is big for several reasons, and I think the least of which is the fact that he was actually speeding. The biggest thing to me is the blatant withholding of truths and misleading pressor when they were grilled earlier this week by the media.
See his letter to deputy mayor below.

Reggie Hill gets a week suspension without pay and has to pay a $50 fee for the red light violation.

Not a good start to the mayorship, as these incidents seriously call her judgement and honesty into question. Big time.



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