What Happens When Our ‘Last Chance’ Has Past and Why Haven’t We been Talking About Colleges Taking Over RCSD

Almost 2 months ago, in mid November, superintendent of Rochester City School District, Dr. Vargas, made a monumental announcement that he would like for local colleges to take over as many troubled school locations as possible. He made the jarring and frankly frightening statement that “this is our last chance to improve this district.” Essentially meaning that he’s out of options and has, I’m guessing, laid all his other cards out on the table in an effort to turn RCSD around.

After his bold statements and quest for assistance I’ve been waiting, sort of with bated breath, for further action. Further discussion on the topic. I was expecting an update on just how our last chance was going; because obviously I’d expect for the last ditch effort to be priority number one. But two months have gone by and there’s been none. Not a statement. Not a list of institutions that are up for the challenge. So my question is: now what? Was this really the only idea Vargas had? Was this really our last chance? And now with the recent shift in board members, including new board president, Van White, I’m curious as to what he thinks? Does he also put all his proverbial eggs into this basket of college take-over?

I plan on sending Van White an email, I will let you know if I get any sort of response from him.



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