Response From Dr. Vargas Regarding College Takeover of RCSD

I sent RCSD Superintendent Dr. Vargas an email this evening regarding college take over.. he responded the following within 22 minutes:

“Thank you, Andrea, for your thoughtful email.  While I am in on-going discussions with area colleges about potential collaboration, I am actively engaged in improving our schools on many fronts.  The more engagement we have with the community the more likely we can address our urgent needs in the immediate future.  Specifically, I would tell you and all parents that there are significant actions I have taken in the last few years that are promising.  For example, we eliminated the sad reality that our students were receiving the least amount of instructional time in the County when, arguably, they needed the most.  We are working very hard to make our system more responsive to the needs of our families.  We are on the path to closing the opportunity gap for our students compared to their peers in the suburbs.  For example, we have added more art, music, sports, and Advanced Placement courses.  Much more needs to be done, but the best evidence we have is that when we have family engagement and students are supported in multiple places such as home, neighborhoods and schools then we see excellent results as measured by graduation rates and college and career readiness.  Thank you again for your thoughtful questions.  Bolgen ”



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