Twitter Redefines ‘Blocking’ For Public Accounts

twitterHow many of you have blocked that pesky spammer or joker who just doesn’t stop bugging you, or even that family member who you’d rather not see the real you? I know I’ve blocked people so they don’t know I exist.

Well, things just got different for you.

Traditionally, to “block someone” on social media is to cut all ties and pretend basically the other person doesn’t exist, where you don’t see their activity and what they tweet and they don’t see your  activity. If they searched for you it’d say you were blocked and your account would be locked up. However, there’s always been this glitch where if you log out of your account, you can just view them anyway, so it’s sort of like slamming a fake door on their faces that doesn’t actually lock.

Twitter has now decided to stop the false sense of being blocked for public accounts.

From now on, a blocked user can still follow, retweet, and favorite a public user who blocked them, and won’t be informed, as they have in the past, that they’ve been blocked. The blocker though will not see the RTing, faving, or any mentions by that person show up in their notification stream, and won’t see them in their follower list. Now blocking them just means you are “muting” them, which is still pretty handy for those pesky flies that don’t want to go away. Twitter basically wants to cut down on the hard feelings and discomfort that comes from being blocked.

Twitter says,

“We saw antagonistic behavior where people would see they were blocked and be mad,” says Prosser. He also says “block” doesn’t really make sense when the content is still visible. “Twitter is public, we want to reinforce that content published in a public profile is viewable by the world.”

Blocking will still work in the traditional way for private accounts. Whomever you block while being private won’t be able to follow you.

This whole change just reiterates that anything you put online is online for good, blocking people really gave a false sense that you could hide what you say from others, when in actuality you can’t.


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