SpaghettiOs Is Forced To Apologize For Tweet While Over-reaction On The Internet Is At An All-Time High

After outrage from the masses, Campbell Soup has felt compelled to apologize on Saturday for a tweet sent out by its SpaghettiOs brand that marked the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attacks with a picture of its smiling mascot waving an American flag.

The infamous Tweet

The infamous Tweet

The fact that ya’ll got your panties in a twist over this is ridiculous. Campbell’s says the tweet was meant to pay respect and later tweeted,   “We apologize for our recent tweet in remembrance of Pearl Harbor Day. We meant to pay respect, not to offend.”

Have we really run out of valid things to complain about or does it seem like we’re going disproportionately overboard here? And not just here, but this seems to be a trend where daily I see people yapping about some asinine thing. Dude, chill. I actually think the tweet was cute. And so what if they use their brand mascot to pay tribute to remember a historical American tragedy? You dress your kids up in American flag shirts and post pics of them on the fourth of July. I don’t really see a difference. SpagettiOs is proud of their mascot and I believe genuinely wanted to pay tribute. What if they posted the same message without their guy, would it have been the same reaction? So what if their motive was to make their company seem family oriented or patriotic? Those qualities in a brand are refreshing. The story isn’t that Campbell’s was too insensitive, it’s that people are too jumpy to complain about crap that doesn’t hurt anybody.



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