Happy Thanksgiving

Complaining about what’s not right comes easy. I’m sure for many of us, there’s always a number of things that could make the list. I could rattle off ten things that isn’t perfect for every one thing that is. Its always much easier to let those things spew from our brains and be thrown blindly into the crowd of fellow social media users like grenades. It’s much harder to reflect from within and really focus on what we’re thankful for. Full stop. I mean be thankful without a but this attached at the end..
That’s what I’m focusing on today. Being thankful within for the important things in my life. End of. Happy Thanksgiving my friends.

My 6 year old drew a picture of what Thanksgiving is to her. There’s a table full of good food and she says the balloons are to celebrate being together as well as Hanukkah. And no, we’re not Jewish, but I love my daughter’s sentiment. It’s amazing how children are born so inclusive with open arms. That’s something I hope to always instill. We are happy for others customs and celebrations; even if there is a lack there of. I find it hard to swallow when we demand people do it our way. So much hate and energy is wasted in our daily lives being angry that others don’t do what we do. Whether it’s parenting, holidays, religion, shopping, etc. sometimes we need to reflect within and focus on what makes us happy and healthy and safe and let others do the same.


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