Canadian School Suppliments Kid’s Unbalanced Lunch, Internet Goes Beserk Over The Outrage

So there’s this Daycare/ School in Canada that requires parents to send in a lunch2balanced lunch daily for their children. (Horrid, I know). This is a private institution that has a strict policy to promote healthy eating habits and has a known policy to supplement children’s meals if their families fail to provide one.  Parents must send 1 milk, 1 meant, 1 grain and 2 fruits/ veggies. Again, this is a known policy, there’s contracts and flyers involved, I’m sure.

So one mom sent her children in with a homemade lunch of roast beef, potatoes, carrots, oranges and milk. She was shocked and outraged that her meal was deemed “unbalanced” and therefore had to be supplemented with Ritz crackers, and fined $10 for her misdoings. (She had 2 kids, so $5 each x2).  Now, I’m not so sure how exactly she was so shocked since there was already a known strict policy in place, but she was. And then when she took her grievances online, the world was also shocked.. but that’s not so surprising because that’s what we do best with limited knowledge anyway. And plus the date on this note says it was last December. But we also love to make random things go viral, regardless if we have limited information or not, because, again, that’s what we do best.

So it all seems so unfair because a meal of veggies fruits and beef and potatoes sound pretty darn good, and probably better than most of us will eat on a daily basis anyway, but sorry Charlie, rules are rules.

While we’re all in a tizzy over how asinine this policy may be, don’t forget that these same fascist meal-nazis are also busy providing fruits and veggies for the parents who fail to provide them for their kids as well, or also protein and milk supplements. Maybe more schools should be paying attention to what their students eat and picking up the slack for when parents drop the ball. And yes, I know Ritz Crackers aren’t the picture of perfect health, but kids do need a balance. Paleo and Atkins diets aren’t for kids anyway. Next time throw a slice of bread in there.

I’ve heard comment after comment of people yapping in protest that they’d be super pissed if their gluten-free-organic-only-non-preservative-eating-spawn was given the devils food, Ritz Crackers, of all things on this planet; but again, just think for a second that this school, like most schools in this contienent probably have health forms given to the nurse or cafeteria. Let’s just assume that they are aware of any possible gluten or dairy or peanut issues and also just for shits and giggles, let’s just assume they’d comply if there were any such issues. Let’s all just take a breather here, I am sure there are plenty of public schools in her area that would love to not care if she gave her kid Poptarts or soda, or meat and potatoes for lunch. Hell, there’s schools in our country that deny kid’s eating if they fail to bring in the correct change. My kid’s school serves donuts and Trix yogurt for breakfast and tortilla chips as a grain. Meh.


One response to “Canadian School Suppliments Kid’s Unbalanced Lunch, Internet Goes Beserk Over The Outrage

  1. The requirements include milk and meat. What if the child is lactose intolerant or avoids meat?

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