Mayor Ford Knocks Over Female Councilor And Is Stripped of Powers, Though Keeps His Title As Mayor

The latest in the train-wreck of a story that is Toronto’s Mayor, Rob Ford; he has rob fordbeen stripped of much of his Mayoral powers. Council members voted on Monday to overwhelmingly cut Mayor Ford’s office budget by 60 percent and allow mayoral staff to join the deputy mayor. The council also voted to give the deputy mayor authority to handle any civic emergency.

The vote was preceded by a heated debate by Ford and him charging towards female councilor, Pam McConnell and knocking her over. Ford stated about the incident that “I ran around because I thought my brother was getting into an altercation.” His brother is city Councilor, Doug Ford. (Family holidays must be a real hoot).

Rob Ford now effectively has no legislative power as he will no longer chair the executive committee. Despite the vote, Ford still retains his title of Mayor, and ability to represent Toronto at official functions. (Not that he will be a great representative for the city). In Toronto they cannot completely force a Mayor out of office nor strip him of a title unless he has been convicted of a crime. (Give him time).

The new allegations and drama pile up faster than you can say, crack cocaine. He’s admitted to doing drugs, binge drinking and driving under the influence. He’s also been accused of relations with a prostitute and pressuring female staffers to engage in sexual activity. To which he responded on Thursday in jaw-dropping manor:

“Oh, and the last thing was Olivia Gondek. It says, it says that I wanted to eat her p***y. Olivia Gondek. I’ve never said that in my life to her. I would never do that. I’m happily married. I’ve got more than enough to eat at home. Thank you very much”

Holy cow, I barely have words. This guy is a shit-show, and would be a much better candidate for Celebrity Rehab than for public office.


5 responses to “Mayor Ford Knocks Over Female Councilor And Is Stripped of Powers, Though Keeps His Title As Mayor

  1. Your last comment is exactly correct. Not only is he giving Toronto a bad name, he’s making a lot of the rest of Canada look bad. Talk about a guy who has lost touch with reality. (BTW, you have a typo in your title. ) 🙂

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