George Zimmerman Arrested Again With Assault (With A Firearm Naturally)

george zimmerman

Well, it looks like someone’s participating in Movember.. Either that or he’s going for that mountain-man-with-a-gun crazy look.

It’s our old pal, George Zimmerman. Not that you can forget him, because he’s always in the news for being arrested or pulled over, but looks like he’s been arrested again.

George Zimmerman was charged Monday with assault (again) after deputies were called to the home where he lived with his girlfriend, who claimed he pointed a shotgun at her during an argument. Apparently he then pushed her out of the house and barricaded the door with furniture. Police obtained the house key from the girlfriend, then they were able to enter the house and take down the barricade and arrest Zimmerman.

Look, I’m all for people and their rights to bear arms, but someone please take this man ‘s guns away. The sequel isn’t going to end well.



3 responses to “George Zimmerman Arrested Again With Assault (With A Firearm Naturally)

  1. This guy is a real piece of work. I think this is the second time for this type of thing. I think his soon to be ex-wife called the cops because of a domestic assault. No charges were laid though.

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