Lesson on Nature Fail

I always try to teach my kids to leave nature how you found it. It’s not nice to stomp on bugs, we shouldn’t carve our names into tree trunks and I don’t believe in feeding ducks bread. Yes, I know, it’s super fun to throw carbs into the pond and watch the birds swarm madly into the food like they haven’t tasted anything better in life. But ducks really are built to eat bread; it’s not a part of their natural diets. It not only isn’t healthy for them, but it tampers with their natural ability to find food that suits them better. Like giving candy to a baby I suppose.
Blah blah blah. I know- I’m not fun.
So anyway the other day, well actually a few weeks ago, we went to the river to take a walk and look at the ducks. I just get done telling the kids that we don’t feed the ducks bread (at their request to do so) and explained why. It seemed like they really got it and then we just enjoyed watching the water birds floating by peacefully. My kids were peaceful, the ducks were peaceful, and everything was nice.

Ducks aren’t really yellow, I don’t know why I draw them like they’re bath toys. Paintworks is hard.

So then all of a sudden a lady with like 5 loaves of bread walk up next to us with her kid. And she yanks a whole loaf’s worth of bread out of a bag and gives it to my kids who were quite happy to be given the no no item where I apparently failed in the excitement category.

So she starts throwing bread up in the air, into the water. And her kid throws the bread. And my kids all throw the bread. It was the most overboard display I’d seen, she was like Oprah on her Favorite-Things Christmas special with his freaking bread.

And the ducks go berserk. And my kids go berserk. And it becomes the FUNNEST THING EVER!

*Sigh* there goes my lesson on nature. This is me saying oh fart, I guess that was a bust.


4 responses to “Lesson on Nature Fail

  1. No no no. What’s WRONG with that lady?? I totally don’t believe in feeding the ducks bread either. Ducks don’t eat bread, dogs don’t eat steak, and humans don’t eat sugar flavored playdoh (fondant).

  2. I loved this post and I loved your artwork in this post. 🙂 I’m sorry the nature lesson failed, but everybody had a good time…even you. lol At least the birds were fat and full that day with all of that bread. lol

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