USPS Halts ‘Just Move’ Stamps For Fear Of Promoting Unsafe Play

The USPS has halted and scrapped production on a series of “just move” postal stamps that were originally created to promote healthy movement. The $90,000 botched series of stamps were deemed to be inappropriate because they depict “unsafe” actives like doing a handstand without a helmet, doing a cannonball style jump into a pool and skateboarding without knee-pads! THE HORROR!

I’m not sure how generations have survived this long being encouraged to do dangerous activities like unprotected free play, but the postal service is NOT having it.

Seriously though, we are going down a ridiculous road of over-reactive silliness here, where we can’t even look at simple cartoon depictions of kids doing fun things without thinking it’ll turn into something terrible. It seems like we as a society are now catering to every irrational objection possible.

My kids already live in a world without record players and newspapers, I don’t want them growing up not knowing what headstands, cannonballs and spontaneous play is.



5 responses to “USPS Halts ‘Just Move’ Stamps For Fear Of Promoting Unsafe Play

  1. This is really too bad. I think that the overall message is way more valuable than the stupidity of people getting worked up over doing a headstand without a helmet (WHO DOES A HEADSTAND WITH A HELMET??!) Who knows what this world is coming to!

  2. I used to ride in cars without wearing a seatbelt – because the cars didn’t have seatbelts.

    • I love the contrast from that time, till now where kids can’t even play tag because it’s so “dangerous.” Interesting to note- I’d argue that we live in a more violent time within society, video games, media, violence in mass shootings, etc.. Yet we control the minor things more like postage stamps and kids physical play..Curious.

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