The Elephant In The Room

Time magazine is stirring a little controversy with their recent cover depicting Chris Christie with the caption, “The Elephant In The Room.” The cover obviously holds several meanings.. an Elephant is Christie’s party’s symbolic animal, also the fact that he has been criticized highly for his weight in the past; also possibly the fact that the GOP has a lot of making up to do to become viable in the next election plus the fact that Christie is not a typical Republican and not as beloved by some in his party for his non-partisan relationship with Obama and other Dems..

What do you think? Too far?


4 responses to “The Elephant In The Room

  1. I was thinking it may be a tad bit over the line until I read the articles. He really is a complicated man and very much the ‘elephant’ in the room that everyone in both parties wants to talk about but no one is really touching just yet. It’s a good play on words. Short and concise and covers so much about him.

    • I sort of felt the same way.. I was like, oh no- that’s not cool.. But in a way, like you said- it’s going to be an interesting race-
      Sadly, I have a feeling there will be mudslinging on both sides regarding the candidates features. One for being a woman, the other his weight.

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