Apparently The Word ‘Gay’ Is Too Much For Hallmark

Recently the popular card store, Hallmark, released a Christmas ornament with the words, “Don we now our fun apparel” instead of the traditional words, “gay apparel.”

Which I wouldn’t think twice about the change, except they do admit they changed the wording for fear of the “double meaning.”

They released a statement justifying the change:
“When the lyrics to ‘Deck the Halls’ were translated from Gaelic and published in English back in the 1800’s, the word ‘gay’ meant festive or merry,” according to a statement released Wednesday. “Today it has multiple meanings, which we thought could leave our intent open to misinterpretation.”
The Hallmark statement went on to explain that the ornament was created in the spirit of “fun.”
“The trend of wearing festively decorated Christmas sweaters to parties is all about fun, and this ornament is intended to play into that,” the statement said. “So the planning team decided to say what we meant: fun.”
It added: “That’s the spirit we intended and the spirit in which we hope ornament buyers will take it.”

Dear Hallmark: gay is not a naughty word. We, the general consumer, are more than capable of deciphering what the word means and I’m sad that you feel you have to act like a child and omit the word. I’m wondering why they would even open this can of worms and risk backlash. The ornament should have either stayed traditional, or never have been created. And honestly the new wording wouldn’t have been a big deal if they hadn’t opened their mouths about the “double meaning.” SMH.



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