Happy Halloween Birthday

Thanks Uncle Adam, for today’s guest post!

Today, October 31, 2013 is my niece’s birthday, she turns 6 today.
Growing up I’ve always shared the connotation that having your birthday on a nationally recognized holiday must suck! With your birthday being overshadowed by a holiday many people are going to forget that it is your birthday. However this morning I was thinking about it a little further. How many people remember it’s my birthday? A day that’s always a random day in the spring, maybe less than 10 people. How many people will remember that today is my niece’s birthday? On Halloween? Maybe less than 10 people. Having your birthday on Halloween is actually pretty awesome! First off you can literally be ANYTHING you want to be. I know some people who try being something else on their birthday but if your birthday was the same day everyone gets to not only dress up but gets to act that way. So on your birthday you can be a princess if you want to, you could be a scary monster if you want to. If you run out of costume ideas you can even be ‘a year older’ how many people can pull that off. Second is the free candy that you get to eat all day.
Third is when you’re older everyone has their own Halloween party. So on your birthday you have a guaranteed birthday party, bring your own cake if you have to but every year on your birthday you are guaranteed cake. My birthday last year I went to my college graduation which I couldn’t participate in because I was one class short.. Happy Birthday to me.. But Halloween is in the fall where if you like pumpkin you get it special for your birthday season. So happy Birthday to my niece and Happy Halloween to everyone else.
Written by Adam Parker




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