Open Letter To People Thinking of Doing Blackface For Halloween

Dear Clueless,

I know it must be tempting to be that jerk who dresses up as Trayvon Martin for Halloween. To get those awkward laughs or maybe even high-fives from other jerks you know. Or maybe you think it’d be cool to dress up as some other celebrity/ infamous/ person in jest, that happens to be another race than you. But let me save you the title of being that clueless a-hole of the Halloween party. Blackface is never an acceptable thing to do. Just Don’t. Blackface has a sick twisted history that you have no business of reenacting. Even if you think it’s not that serious, take my word for it: It is. Just don’t.


Sane People on Planet Earth

Unfortunately some people recently (below) didn’t quite get the memo. And tell me how in the world do celebrities do this crap every year? Don’t they have at least one other person around their inner circle that can tell them what not to do?

blackface2 blackface3 blackface1


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