Do You Get Crabby About Teens Trick or Treating?

Every year on Halloween I hear gobs of people complain about teenagers trick or treating accompanied with complaints about said teenagers seeming lack of effort put into their costumes. Some cities across the country even BAN teens from Trick or Treating and impose fines for teens who break the rules. What’s up with that? Honestly I’d rather give 100 teenagers candy than most of the babies in strollers that I get at my door every year. Personally I’m glad and proud of teenagers when they do innocent things like trick or treating instead of toilet papering and egging or getting into trouble.

How about when you see teens trick or treating tomorrow, give them a high five instead of snotty glares. Tell them how proud you are of them that they aren’t doing something illegal. So what if they’re just in it for the free loot? Even if they come to your door twice. That’s two times they didn’t egg your car or tip over stones in the cemetery.

Lighten up.. or send them to my house, they are welcome to all the candy they want from me.



4 responses to “Do You Get Crabby About Teens Trick or Treating?

  1. I agree- down with wholesome teenage activities! Also, does this mean we’re old?

  2. I find the teens are typically polite, just out for one more night of youthful fun. . Nothing wrong with smearing on a little face paint holding out the pillow case for a little free candy.. Happy Halloween !

  3. Absolutely! When did we start telling people they can’t act young and have some fun?

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