Wordless Wednesday: Photoblog Guest-Post By Tom Bush

Today’s photoblog guest post was submitted by friend and amateur photographer, Tom Bush. I’m a big fan of his work.

0446023-R1-034-15A_copy 703957_10101147782726269_1718006354_o 2013-10-08_22.40.42 664473_10101078120035859_1546247286_o



















I Just like the feeling of having a camera in my hand. Every time I go out  with my camera I feel a sense of wonderment within whatever  environment I find myself in. I am a lover of bold, right angles and  city scenes but I  also have a soft spot for natural beauty as well. Autumn is definitely an active season for me as you can see. Andrea has been gracious enough to have me as a guest here and if you would like to see more  I invite you to follow me on Instagram & Twitter via the links below. If I can offer other photo enthusiasts any advice it would be to never pass on opportunity to capture a special shot; life happens, we get busy, Autumn leaves eventually fall off and scenery is always changing. You can have a gallery of beautiful shots but you will always wonder about those shots you didn’t stop to take. Thanks to Andrea for having me as a guest poster today and thank you all for looking!

for more of Tom visit his Website or follow him on Twitter and Instagram @TBiv.


4 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Photoblog Guest-Post By Tom Bush

  1. beautiful photos,- love how the color of the double yellow line coordinates with the Autumn foliage

  2. Wow great photos. I really like the first one.

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