Wegmans Provides Healthy Snacks To Our Local Elementary School

Local Grocer, Wegmans, often gives back to our community and in particular donates in various ways to our community’s children and our local schools. Their charitable donations have recently touched my children’s elementary school. Starting this past week Wegmans will now be providing free healthy snacks for every child, EVERY DAY for the rest of the year in our (RCSD) school. This is a program that schools can apply for and we were luckily granted. The program is tremendously generous and makes a huge difference in the day of our little ones. Many of the classes previously either didn’t offer an afternoon snack or relied on parents taking turns providing daily snacks for the class, and many times were food items that consist of empty carbs, high sodium or sugar. Wegmans will now be offering healthy fruit and veggie options such as carrots, watermelon, apples etc. Kudos to Wegmans, your generosity and continuation to give back to our community is greatly appreciated. Thank You!



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