iOS 7.0 Review

My iO-experience
Guest Post Written by Adam Parker

The Download

I updated my iPhone 4s with the highly anticipated iOS7 late last night and after maybe 40 minutes to an hour of wait time I was finally able to dive into the latest and greatest software provided by the tech giant, Apple Inc.,  All set with the fresh install, I played around a bit before falling asleep with said phone in hand.
Right off the bat I quickly noticed just some of the over 100 changes made from previous updates.


The first thing you notice is the brand new look of iOS7, it’s  a cool, calm, flowing, semi-alive system.  It’s able to flow freely as it (or you) want it to.  They changed some things about the graphics so the background is trippy and 3D looking (Just don’t tell James Cameron) while the icons are flat.


Changing From App To App

This whole opening two apps at once idea that Apple is implementing to compete is addressed, well sort of. See before you would double tap the home button to reveal the apps at the bottom. You could always have switched from one app to another very quickly but according to Samsung you couldn’t. Well now it shows the what was posted on the screen last time you accessed that app. If you swipe it up you can close out of the app, or you can go into the already open app.  Apple is making it appear like they corrected it when in reality Samsung is trying to make something out of nothing special. Keep in mind, opening two apps at once is pointless because even though my phone can multitask, my two thumbs cannot.  I mean I can listen to music, talk on the phone and search the internet at the same time, so that’s a plus.  Maybe that’s just an AT&T thing, but take that Galaxy.  Now I’ve never used any other phone other than the iPhone because let’s face it, I have an iPhone so I don’t need or want anything else.  And there’s really no need to use a phone that is bigger than my iPad mini anyway, because my hands and pockets aren’t that large either.


Unfortunately they made the British Siri voice sound worse, but added a male Siri who sounds like your friend’s dad when he was 27.  Also the lady is like that Velma girl from Scooby Doo who says ‘jinkies’ all the time. I much preferred having the British Siri because I felt like I was James Bond.  The speed in which the voices talk has changed as well, so I believe my guy – let’s call him Samuel?  That will never catch on. Hmm, let’s call him Eric- yes, he sounds like an Eric.  Well, Eric speaks too fast, and in contrast, the voice over guy speaks too slowly.

If you ask Siri where to hide a dead body, she says “I used to know the answer to this” or “very funny.”  I like how you can see what type of questions to ask.

Other Features

Some other cool features are the quick menu that you slide up is super convenient and you can control a multitude of things with a few swipes, and the menu you slide down is smart and awesome.

Safari is a nice update and you can now open more than 8 tabs.

I’m not a fan of the newer calendar update.

In the lock screen all the pictures will zoom, which looks cool on photos that you took from far away, but an image that was originally meant for the whole screen won’t work.

The update takes some getting used to especially navigating around the camera and camera roll.  The new photo place is confusing and I’ll never be able explain it to my mom.  Also, I’m not sure yet what constitutes as a ‘moment’ but I appreciate the interpretation.

Wrap Up

All in all, this whole iOS7 update is a hipster’s wet dream or perfect for any girl who enjoys throwing up piece signs while catching a tan on her Facebook cover photo.  That being said, two hipsters walk into a bar:  The first hipster did it before it was cool.  The second hipster did it ironically.



One response to “iOS 7.0 Review

  1. I’m a bit of an Android fan myself. I can’t believe that people line up for hours to get a new iPhone. It will still be there later in the day.

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