Enlist Today

I recently posted some real WWII Propaganda Posters that I thought were neat.. I just came across these brilliant Star Wars Propaganda Posters. Love them.

bounty-i-want-you-star-wars-propaganda endor_rally_print_ss01 enlist today vader loose lips bring down star wars rebuild Print star wars prop star wars propaganda star_wars_propaganda_1 star_wars_propaganda_4 starwars4propaganda Star-Wars-propaganda-posters star-wars-propaganda-posters-4 Star-Wars-Propaganda-Posters-by-Szoki_3 tumblr_mewl8b2wjD1qbwnuho5_500


3 responses to “Enlist Today

  1. My son is 5, and a Star Wars / internet nut. Thanks for this 🙂

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