Mama Wants A Good Excuse For A Night Out And You Can Help

Who could turn down that simple request?

See there’s this little contest going on in our city. Well, it’s not exactly a little contest, it’s a big one. It’s called the Best of Rochester and they hold it every year where you can vote on the best places all over town: restaurants, clubs, places to shop, radio stations, best twitter feed, best website, etc. It’s pretty cool if you win, but it’s almost becoming too predictable. The same places and the same people get nominated every year because we don’t know who else to put down other than the one best vegetarian place in town or the one grocery super-store that rhymes with Blegmans and most people just throw in the same answers over and over. Boring.

Let’s change it up a little bit this year by throwing a completely unexpected choice in the mix: and that’s a good a reason as any to vote for your favorite Rochester Mommy blogger for best website. yup, this one you are reading right now. RIght?!?!

Just type the following in the handy-dandy little website section:

And then throw my twitter handle for best twitter feed: Mango1531.

I probably have no chance to win either, but hey, you never know. So you’d better tell your husband to vote too.

Plus if I get in the finals I get to go to a fancy free dinner, which I probably couldn’t afford, and get a nice certificate that has my name on it and bragging rights for an entire year.. Hooray date night! Hooray certificate! Hooray bragging rights! All because of you, my bloggyBFFs.

Seriously tho. we can’t let the same folks win it again.

Click here to fill out the ballot for the primary votes.. and you don’t even have to be a Rochester resident to vote. I believe. MOM THAT MEANS YOU. let’s get a Mommy blog in there! Also just to warn you, the survey ballot is a few pages to fill out online, which may be sort of annoying, and you have to fill most of it out, so if you draw a blank in any other field just throw Wegmans in there. I’m sure they’ll win most of the categories anyway. And if you vote for me you will totally get a virtual high-five from yours truly if you fill it out. Did I mention it all involves a night out? 🙂




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