Rebecca Black’s Cover of ‘We Can’t Stop’ Disapoints By Not Being Awkward

I was oddly disappointed when Rebecca Black’s fifteen minutes of weirdness was up. Her annoyingly catchy song seemed to seep into my brain and remain there with unshakable infectious humming every Friday for a while after she came out with her parody type song, Friday. (That was a parody-right)?friday

When I heard she made a cover of Miley Cyrus’ song, We Can’t Stop I was hoping for a full-out awesomely annoying video filled with lots of awkwardly awful moments. Surprisingly it’s just sort of bland. Sorry folks, no twerking, gold teeth, ill fitted white garments or strange giant stuffed teddy bears.. we’ll leave that to Miley.

Also related: when did Hannah Montana get weird?

hannah mon




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