Fighting Wars, Doing the Dishes and a Lesson on Order of Importance

My two sons were battling each other with their Civil War Army Guys on the kitchen floor and my oldest anounces to me, “I found a popcorn seed on the civil-war-toy-soldiersfloor.”

“Well pick it up,” I respond.

“But Mom, I’m in the middle of a war.”

“Well, I’m in the middle of doing the dishes,” I say.

(It’s the age-old battle of me not doing something for him that he can do himself).

“MOM! War is more important than the dishes!” He insists quite adamantly.

I found his last words kind of funny, and at the same time, it opened my eyes to see that the things they do are really important to them.

We may not think that their play is very important, but to them it is.  Whether his playtime was more important than my housework time, I’m not so sure, but I did concede and stopped what I was doing and threw the seed away.

Sometimes (often) we demand that our kids do the things that we want them to on our timetable. Usually things go something like, “come to dinner now!” Or “go to bed right now! I don’t care what you are doing.. it’s time right now!”

While they are pleading, “just one more minute, I’m not done playing this game,” or “I’m almost beat this level” or “I have to finish building my castle.”

(inset dinner time, bed time, teeth brush time, etc.)

Their toys and games and everything else they do is just as important to them, or in their minds even more important than the things we do and the schedules we try to go by.

Everyone has a busy life and it’s (surely to me) important to stay on schedule so our kids can wake up in the morning or eat when they’re supposed to, or get out the door on time, but it’s just as important to teach them respect and courteousness for other’s things and other people’s time and also importantly, their passions and interests.

Sometimes I don’t want to jump up and cater to their demands because I’m engrossed in something important to me.. just as our kids don’t want to stop what’s important to them. I don’t think it’s necessary to cater to their every whim.. but sometimes as a parent you just gotta understand that the things they do don’t seem like whims at all.


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