51 Isn’t too Young To Die Afterall

jamesYesterday Actor James Gandolfini died unexpectedly of a heart attack at the age of 51. He was newly married and had a baby daughter that is just 8 months old. Scrolling through tweets and statements made by other celebrities, many of his fellow actors described him as a "genius" at his craft.  Many people might say that the HBO drama that he starred in, the Sopranos, which played a major role in securing his place as a celebrity was one of the best series ever made. A sad loss to his family, friends and entertainment world indeed.   

It's interesting to see that as the news spread after his untimely death that so many of us were shocked, SHOCKED! to hear of James Gandolfini's passing when it's clear that typically according to his body type that he may have actually been a ticking time bomb, or rather a heart attack waiting to happen.

This isn't about fat shaming, but it's about being honest to ourselves and being realistic enough to admit that he was obese and according to statements made by his friends, he loved to over-eat. It's beyond time to start admitting that heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in our country. We have an obesity epidemic because of a variety of reasons but poor exercise habits and even poorer diets is a big one and it's killing us.

Despite these facts of the looming epidemic in our society, There's a sort of underlining denial that we still insist on clinging to.

I saw post after post of people commenting that 51 was just too young to die.

51 is way too young to die, but not at all too young if you are at risk for heart disease.   

The average expected age in the country  is  in the upper seventies and we tend
to think that those numbers are a given regardless of the risky behaviors we
partake in or even when we seem to do everything right, but are overweight anyway. But we must not hold on to the idea that if you are of a certain risk type that at 51 you are fine.

We’ve all heard the old saying you are what you eat, and really to go further, you are what your lifestyle is.. sadly seems to have rung true here.

Take care of yourselves my friends, and today is as good a day as any to eat a little better and take a few extra healthy steps, because 51 should be way too young to die.


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