Going Beyond The Surface, and Maybe I know Nothing

I just got done publishing this blog on how we should comply with the notion of freedom of speech and let rape jokes slide on Facebook.  Then I went on twitter and did a search for #FBRape.

That’s the hashtag connected with speaking out against the rape joke memes on Facebook.  Do I even have to say I found the most terrible images out there- stuff that I hadn’t even dreamed existed?  All rape jokes and abuse jokes and the brave folks speaking out against them.  I guess I don’t ever search for this garbage- so I didn’t really know what was out there…  and if any of my friends ever posted anything a fraction as bad, I’d unfriend / block / report them sooner than you can say- WTF..

I’m feeling now like I know nothing.

Maybe what I saw makes everything I said in the last post is null and void.  I’m not sure.

Things are out of hand and sick and sad and I can’t stop thinking that I live on the same planet as people who think this stuff is funny.

Don’t believe me- search for yourself.  Some of the sickest stuff is just floating around being LOLed about at rapid paces.  And lurking around just waiting for little boys to laugh at them before they’ve formed the part of their brains that make those jokes not okay.

Maybe Facebook should take some responsibility for what they let be posted on their sites.  Maybe since they are a privately owned organization they should take a stand and say I don’t have to grant you the freedom to post pictures of black and blue and bloody dead girls with captions over their pictures that they deserved to end up like that?  Maybe they don’t have to give the freedom of speech for every tom dick and douche-bag out there.  Maybe we ought to give kudos to advertisers that stand up against Facebook even though it’d just be much smarter if they didn’t, dollars and sense-wise.

I’m not going to take my previous post down, because maybe it’s a valid argument.. or maybe we should throw being valid away because it’s just not right.




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