And In Not Shocking News At All: Celebrity Psychic Sylvia Browne Could Be A Fraud

In 2004 celebrity psychic, Sylvia Browne declared that little Amanda Berry, then missing, was dead.  The psychic told Amanda’s Mother, slyvia browneLouwana Miller, while on a Montel William’s show, the dreadful news.  I’m sure that must have closed the case for most of you, but lo and behold, Amanda, her 6-year-old daughter (fathered by her recently arrested captor), and fellow kidnapping victims, Gina Dejesus and Michelle Knight have been found alive in a house of horrors in Ohio and have now been reunited with their families.

A site that I never even thought about existing, The Committee For Skeptical Inquiry, says that despite Sylvia Brown’s claims that she has an 85% success rate, they have discovered that while doing a study in 2010 of the 115 predictions she has made on the Montel William’s show, she actually has a zero percent success rate.  Womp womp womp.

The whole thing isn’t a laughing matter indeed, but the big news flash that celebrity psychics that specialize in being featured on trashy talk shows could be making up their predictions is the least shocking part of the whole story.


2 responses to “And In Not Shocking News At All: Celebrity Psychic Sylvia Browne Could Be A Fraud

  1. I truly believe that some people have a strong sense of ESP or whatever you want to call it. However, even my Mom who we considered a bit of a Good Witch would never make such a prognostication. This so-called psychic has probably done more harm in her life than good. I know we sometimes get desperate when we lose a loved one but in my opinion living off other people’s tragedies is reprehensible.

    I went to an astrology once who was accurate beyond belief. This was before Google so she knew literally nothing about me except my date of birth and name. She refused to tell people if she saw death or major tragedy in their lives because she believed that you can make it a self fulfilling prophesy.

    Good job on calling this charlatan out.

    • I agree, I think there are some people that can see beyond, but when you’re on trashy talk shows, this one just seemed to be full if it- and like you said, the part about the telling people for certain their loved one was dead. How hurtful.

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