Where Did The Time Go, And More Importantly, The Two Space Rule?

This month it’ll be ten years since I graduated from college.  I think it’s official that I’m so far removed from obtaining a degree that I’ve never done anything with, that it’s not safe to say I will get an actual professional job when I’m ready to go back to work.  (Let’s hope this isn’t true).  Not that so much has changed that I couldn’t catch on pretty quick, but ten years sounds like a long time for the dust to be collecting on that ole degree.  As I’m feeling a bit old I am also wondering something else.. where the heck did the double spacing when typing go?

I’m this close to calling blasphemy, but apparently it was a sort of mid twentieth century invention that came with use of the typewriter.  It’s all because typewriters use something called monospaced fonts, which means letters like “m” take up the same amount of space as an “i” even if the letters themselves are different size.  This made it so it made sense to type two spaces between sentences to create a visual break.  I guess it was also something encouraged when writing documents in the social sciences (me me me)  Cut to 2013 and we use normal and easily readable fonts and we no longer need to use the double space rule.. But here I am still double clicking away between every sentence.  I can’t help it, old habits die hard.

So I’m trying to write a book (which may or may not pan out) and I’ve written some of it on my iPod touch and some of it on the computer.  So far I have like twenty pages typed and about half of it has single spaces and the other half has double spaces depending on what I’ve typed it on.  I’m sort of cringing because I know someone’s I’m going to have to go and change all that to be a uniform style.  Not cool guys.  Not cool.

What do you do?  Are you a double clicker or a single clicker writer?  Tell me I’m not the only one left!



3 responses to “Where Did The Time Go, And More Importantly, The Two Space Rule?

  1. This drives me nuts. I was taught to use two spaces and like you I now have book that is filled with both single and double spacing. Double spacing is a hard habit to break. Sort of like biting my nails but I’m getting better at it. I hope that also applies to the double spacing!

  2. I am definitely a double spacer by choice, and funny thing is I’m only 26, so the newness of single spacing is still pretty new, I think. I can remember in high school, when I proofread someone else’s paper being very annoyed if they single spaced, lol. Now, I think you’re right it depends on which platform I’m writing from (I’m using my kindle right now, and it seems almost unnatural to add the extra space since it already spaces for me). Anyway, glad you thought this topic worthy of a post, bc I was wondering the same thing, lol

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