Stop Making Boston About Something It’s Not

The shrapnel’s barely been swept off the street and we’re already filling up Facebook with pictures of the Boston bombing and using it to back the gun control agenda, ways to criticize the government, and attack foreign policy.

I read this thing yesterday on how if this was in Iraq we just would’ve hastily bombed the boat and killed innocent civilians while doing it, instead of attempting to coax him out with top notch technology. Oh come on. This is a first world country. It can never be anything but. Do we know what it’s like to be attacked daily by drones and terrorists? No, of course not. Stop trying to make connections on how it feels. Stop trying to use this as an example to regulate immigration and foreign war tactics.

I hear a lot of chatter about whether half conscious Bomber #2 has been read his Miranda rights. If our constitution doesn’t have some special claus in it that makes it so this little shit doesn’t have the right to remain silent, than there surely should be. I don’t care if he is technically an American citizen. If he gets all the same rights that OJ Simpson got, then God help the USofA. Can you imagine his lawyer trying to get him a plea bargain on the basis that he was only following his brothers lead? We’ve already heard all the character witnesses say how splendid he was. Heck no. Cuff him, book him, I don’t want to see him again. I’m pretty sure ‘Bamas got his top dogs on this one and if they want to say, “look terrorists, if you bomb and maime hundreds of folks, then you don’t get to remain silent. Be glad we’re not water-boarding you between surgeries at the fancy hospital you get to stay in.”

I hear people yapping about Boston being put under a police state and how the government took away their rights by ordering a lock down. Seriously?! Be thankful you weren’t on the streets getting your legs blown off by these jokers. “Thank you,”may be the appropriate words you’re looking for. And stop trying to draw lines between not being able to buy bread for 23 hours and real police states. Seriously Anne Frank is ashamed you’re even brining that up right now. Obama is not Hitler, no one’s trying to take away your rights.

Of course people are saying how, if only every citizen had guns in their houses we could’ve got this guy quick and not have to cower in our houses in fear. This is another knuckle-headed argument. This kid could’ve had a whole boat full of pressure cookers. These guys may or may not have been strapped from head to toe in bombs. If you don’t have infrared technology, and armored trucks with billion dollar robotic arms attached to them, sit the heck down and let the experts do their stuff. If every Tom, Dick and vigilante Harry was out their waving their pistols, it’s probable hundreds more could have been blown to smithereens.

It bothers me that people can’t wait to be able to snatch the opportunity to take this incident to fuel their own political agendas. Sit down and pay some respects to those that protect you on a daily basis. Stop making this about you.


4 responses to “Stop Making Boston About Something It’s Not

  1. May I offer this comment. It is my view this bomber should be read his Miranda rights, stand trial in the proper manner and be punished accordingly.

    Why? because it’s the law. That is the rock on which our societies are built. His intention was to ursurp those laws and bring the society to its knees. Every time we tweak the law in terrible circumstances that are complex as well as very emotive, then we help this man and others on their journey to detroying what we hold dear.. That is the exact moment when society says “yes- he’s done a hideous thing – but we must hold steady and stick to the law”

    What crimes did he commit? He mudered people. He maimed people. He destroyed property and made explosive devices. He had illegal guns. He’s a murderer and should be treated s such. All the Islamic connotations are irrelevant – that’s a political and National security matter.

    Not telling him he can remain silent – as the law states – won’t make him talk or not. The real information that we need from him will be obtained by the security services through phone traces and internet footprints and so on anyway.

    Don’t get caught up in the hysteria (mainly politically and media fuelled), don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

  2. I’m pretty much in your court on this one and I notice they did invoke one clause of the Patriot Act that allows for 36 hours without being read his Miranda Rights. I’m also getting tired of the words “allegedly” and “suspect”. Let me see, they had bombs they were throwing at police, were recognized by bystanders, were seen putting down the back packs and they are the alleged suspects in this case. To me that’s sort of like finding your kid with his hand half way out of the cookie jar with cookie crumbs on his face he is suspected of allegedly taking the cookie. Give me a break!

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