Why Ask Why


Asking “why” when it comes to senseless acts is like asking why fools fall in love or why we can’t fly like blue birds over the rainbow. Crossing our fingers so that we may get answers as to why a terrorist makes bombs or why ill-adjusted folks shoot up movie theaters will only leave you with disappointment. Whatever their answer would be, it won’t make sense, it won’t give you peace, it won’t leave you with real replies that you can swallow; only discontent and more questions and what-ifs and why-nots. Did the Tsarnaev Brothers have reasons why they bombed the marathon the other day? Probably. Probably something to the effect that they’ve been brainwashed at a young age to hate the American way and they thought there was some allusive glory in this sort of thing. Is it stupid of me that I don’t really want to hear why? It’s all too predictable yet senseless. What can we do to stop freaks on the fringe? Kill them with kindness? Provide the American Dream to their front doorstep? Sign peace-treaties and send gifts. I imagine if there’s two jokers out there, there’s two hundred. I’m content to be the good I want to see in the world and not making sense of the senseless.

boston bombing



2 responses to “Why Ask Why

  1. A very good final thought Andrea. Good job.

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