Technology is Pretty Dam Cool

I love my gadgets.  iPad, laptop, kindle, iPod.  I swooned when exploring the depths of Microsoft Word 2013 where I had templates on templates and supercool notepad features.  I love how dumb I’m getting by autocorrectifying my life.  And that kind of stuff is small potatoes compared to what’s really out there in cool gadget world.

This probably isn’t even the best stuff in the police world, but check out these pictures the police were able to capture of bomber #2 last night while he was chilling in some guy’s boat.

boat 1 boat2 boat3

They have what’s called a FLIR, a forward-looking infrared device, on a helicopter.  I’d definitely want to be the one to look into the lens.  The last picture is the Boston Police removing the tarp with a big mechanical arm attached to a law enforcement vehicle.  I bet they rock at those claw things that my kids are always begging me to waste money in at the supermarket.  Good job, good guys!

Images courtesy Massachusetts State Police


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