Ten Things My Kids Will Never Know.. That We Did All The Time

Romping Around The Neighborhood at Freewill:  I don’t know if the world is a less safe place or it just seems like it is.  Maybe it’s because I’m raising kids in a city when I came from a small town?  I remember having the run of the neighborhood and playing alone with my brother and other neighborhood kids when I was still young enough to get my tongue stuck to the playground slide.  My kids will never know this type of freedom at such a young age.  Just not risking it.

Cassette Tapes: I can’t believe I’m old enough to have listened to an eight track, a record player and cassette tapes and now they’re all gone gone gone.  Never will they have to worry about pushing play and record at the same time and winding up the tape with their fingers when they got messed up.  I guess it means I’m old, but I still am not embracing buying things that you can’t even hold or resell like iTunes.  Even CDs will be a thing of the past by the time my kids are buying music of their own.

Rotary Phone:  My son came across a picture of a rotary phone the other day and he was like, “what is this?” I still remember calling my friends on one in elementary school.

Prank calling:  Speaking of calling friends, with the introduction of caller ID prank calling is no longer the awesome that it used to be.  I guess they’ll have to find something better to do after school when I’m not looking.

Looking It Up In The Encyclopedia:  I don’t even think they print these anymore, but I remember writing whole research papers based on what I found out in big giant books that couldn’t be removed from the library.

Cameras With Film:  This ancient art will be stuff of museums.  I miss printing out pictures.

Floppy Discs:  This was cutting edge technology at one point.  *Sigh*

Typewriter: Yes, I typed my 6th grade report on one of these babies.  My kids will be lucky to ever see one.

Reading The Paper:  Yes kiddos, we used to have to go and buy this huge stack of inked paper that would turn your fingers black.  We’d read it from front to back to find out the news of the week.  Forget about live-tweeting, sometimes you didn’t find stuff out until the next day.  This is actually another thing my son saw a picture of and was confused about what it was.

Life Without Social Media and Cellphones:  Being social used to mean being in the same room at the same time with actual other people.  Long distance relationships were maintained without Skype and Facetime and restricted by long distance phone charges.  We got to go through high school and college without Facebook (thankfully).  Profile pictures and duck-face poses were never a thing and when someone moved away you just never saw them again.  You went places without being able to call anyone. *Gasp* Once upon a time we wrote letters and sent birthday cards in the mail, these things have now become a thing of the past.  things my kids won't know


4 responses to “Ten Things My Kids Will Never Know.. That We Did All The Time

  1. You’re right. Except my kids do know what some of those are thanks to my dorky parenting skills. There are actual typewriters in the waiting room at our pediatrician’s office so they know about those. We still get a sunday paper, so even though they can’t read yet they still grab the comics sections and ask about all the pictures. I have it in mind to buy a rotary phone off Etsy. We have a play one from Fischer Price so they have the idea about it. Walkmans should be on there. I never left home without mine. 🙂

  2. I had and did all those things too. I miss the days when kids just went outside to play with the neighbor kids without a care in the world. I don’t think they are printing encyclopedias any more as I know our school district doesn’t allow an encyclopedia to be used for homework assignments. I guess wikipedia is more accurate 🙂

    There is one thing on your list your children still might experience and that is the prank calling, it’s just gotten a little more technical. My youngest son has prank called people, including myself, using programs for the cell phone. When you use these apps or programs whatever they are the caller ID will show the number you want it to show not your actual number. He called me using a program where his voice was Barack Obama’s.

  3. Aaaah the rotary phone, a classic !

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