Facebook is the Hallmark Holiday Of the Internet

Today Facebook is mostly filled with picture memes about Valentine’s Day and love.  Most of them cheesy, not very clever, impersonal and some sort of half-assed version of not quite funny.  Very much like something you’d find in the card aisle of Hallmark or wherever you buy over-priced impersonal paper things that you put in envelopes.  Some have music set to them or pop up crap.  Yup- pretty much what you find down the card aisle.

Valentine’s Day is often criticized as nothing but a “Hallmark Holiday.”  Basically a commercialized day to flock to the stores in order to give your loved ones corny red stuff, chocolates and flowers.  That doesn’t bother me, nor do I really feel it necessary to blow money trying to make today abnormal.

Today is not unlike pretty much every other day on Facebook, only the theme is slightly more Valentiney and slightly more barfy cheesy.  Then it clicks that Facebook is the Hallmark Holiday of the Internet.  Please make it stop.. can’t we just go back to being simple and thinking up our own clever things to say?  More personal ways to connect?

Less of this:


like if you love your mom

And More of This:

“Hello friends, How are you?” 

Or at least make your memes clever:

like if you love your mom jokes

Still cheesy barfy annoying? *Sigh*

Alright.. so on a side note, I had to write my kid’s names 24 times each for them on their Valentine’s Day Cards to their classmates because they were both too lazy to do it.. just say it, I’m enabling their laziness.  Bad Mommy.  I did find it amusing that my daughter told me I had to make my handwriting look like hers (which I did not do).  Doubt you see that sort of forgery every day- at least she already has a leg up when she’s trying to forge my signature in high school.  Smart girl.


2 responses to “Facebook is the Hallmark Holiday Of the Internet

  1. Facebook is pretty nauseating today. But you’re right. It’s pretty nauseating every day. I’d say the tired old adages and dog pictures outnumber actual status updates by about 4:1.

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