Top Ten Reasons Why Being A Mother Of Three Is The Best

stick figure paint

  1. You always have a good excuse to be late:  Just give that harried look and sigh.
  2. You automatically get a ‘get out of jail free card’: Well, not jail per say, but you can skirt any number of duties ’cause you’re super busy with a herd of kids romping around.
  3. Lots of hugs:  If you’re ever feeling like you haven’t gotten enough hugs for the day, just leave the house for any amount of time and when you walk back in the door you will be bombarded with cheers and squeals of delight, “yay, Mommy’s home!” like your own little welcoming parade, and more hugs that you can handle.
  4. Everyone thinks you looks great:  your body could be stretch-marked beyond repair and big huge dark bags could be sagging under your eyes and everyone always asks how you look so great with 3 kids.  A little extra pudge around the middle.. don’t sweat it, you had three kids and your body looks dam good despite that fact.
  5. Hand-Me-Downs: When you have 3 kids within 4 in a half years, you don’t even have to put the clothes they outgrow in the attic, just transfer them from one drawer to the next.  Protip: just buy a zillion unisex socks and they can be interchangeable and no matching or sorting required.
  6. Never a dull moment: silence is over-rated, at least that’s what I keep telling myself as I try to meditate in the shower. ohmmmmm– “MOMMY!!”
  7. You turn lots of heads: oh wait- that’s just in the supermarket, and those might not be wolf whistles, but gasps of shock when your kids are back-flipping from the shopping cart in the checkout line.. But you definitely can’t say that you’re not getting noticed.
  8. Superhuman senses develop: I mean, your body has already proven to do super powerful things like running on 2 hours of sleep and squirting milk at will, but you also develop a spidey type sense of smell in which you can sniff a dirty diaper from 2 floors away and see things from the eyes in the back of your head.
  9. Tax Breaks Baby:  We don’t send our kids out into the work-force and child labor is frowned upon, but we actually get some pretty sweet money back on our taxes with all these babies.
  10. More kids to keep your brain active:  I lost count of how many times I’ve had to run to Google because my kids want to know how Romano Cheese got its name or why bears have little tails or to explain in detail the science of evolution or what kind of trees we have in our backyard and why our blood is red.  Don’t let the constant “why why why” get you down, look at it as a brain building activity.  I can totally tell you all sorts of random facts that kids under ten want to know all about; I look at this as future Jeopardy Contestant training.

4 responses to “Top Ten Reasons Why Being A Mother Of Three Is The Best

  1. Ah, yes. The tax breaks are nice. (As are the hand-me-downs). A wonderful post!

  2. Any woman with three children deserves all the goodness she can get. My mother would have agreed. She raised three sons and we all turned out pretty good. 🙂

  3. Superhuman senes, indeed! My intuition is off the charts. I like how the boy in the picture has a sword. I can relate. I also really love the inquisitiveness that children possess. Why DO bears have small tails? Off to Google!

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